Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dont cry Dirk!!!!!!!2010 is coming

Okay the Mavericks have been my team for as far a i can remember(back to the mark aguire,roy tarpley days) i have been a faithful fan....very patient dealing with the 11-71 record,to the trading of the 3 J's(Kidd,Jackson and Mashburn)getting shawn bradley and ed obannon in return(why??)we did get Mike Finley,then Dirk and Nash...just like the 3 Js era everything looked promising until the 2004-2005 season when Nash signed with phoenix,that move leveled the franchise just like when we traded Kidd to the Suns.....okay it took a while but the Mavs were back on track again with Devin Harris at pg and Dirk playing some of the best ball ever,we got to the finals but lost to the Heat(the refs and D Wade)....then came the1st round lose to the Warriors,after we had the best record in the nba..........then 2008 in an urgency to compete with the Lakers the Mavs do the unthinkable they trade Devin Harris,2 1st round picks and a bunch of bench players for old used up Jason Kidd and 2 worthless bench players.Now lets talk the present we are now in the 8th spot of the west,barely holding on.....we will not make the playoffs and thats a good thing because we would lose to the Lakers in the 1st round we can not compete with the west,maybe we should clean house and start ove,Kidd wont be back that leaves a gap at pg we could possibly answer that in the draft.......2009-2010 will be the worst season since the 1990s....but 2010-2011 looks promising with all the free agents.If mark cuban would hire a true GM and just write checks we might get back to respectable....this entire catastrophe is his fault....NJ Nets will be a contender in 2 years thanks to cuban,so enjoy youre nba live take at general managing and screwing Mavs fans forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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