Monday, February 2, 2009

Batman 3 New Blood?

Batman 3, Is The Question the answer?

Weve had rumors of Cher as Catwomen, Shia labouf as Robin and now Eddie bleedin Murphy as the Riddler! But i think what Batman may need is not only a good villain..but maybe some new blood to bounce off...
Ok so im well aware that this will never happen! But i love the Question and think it would be great to see him in his own movie. But because its all the rage now for characters to have bit parts in other heroes movies first, i figured why not Batman. The Question (Vic Sage) was originally a minor Charlton comics character but when DC aquired the rights they gave him his own acclaimed solo series in 1987 written by Dennis Oneil. In the Oneil series, Victor Sage is an investigative reporter for the news station KBEL in Hub City, who uses the identity of the Question to get the answers his civilian identity cannot. Unlike other vigilante superheroes, O'Neil's Question is primarily focused on the politics of his city, and rather than hunting down the perpetrators of petty theft, he tends to fight the corrupt government of Hub City. O'Neil's Hub City is noted as being "synonymous with venality, corruption, and violence", perhaps even outranking Gotham City as the most dismal city in the DC Universe. After the events of Final CRises when Batman dissapears, The Question Takes over as Gothams protector. Theres your story! While Batman is being hunted down the citizens are naturally going to look for somebody to keep the streets free of crime. At some point in the story this will of course bring them into conflict..thats about all i have! I havnt thought out the whole movie yet but i just think adding him in there is a great way to expand Nolans world to include some other elements of the DC universe. The Question appeared on the excellent Justice league unlimited cartoon in which he was a major recurring character. He was at times the comic relief but could turn deadly serious. In this hes portrayed as a completely obsessive, darkly comic loner — skeptical, eccentric, paranoid, antagonistic and somewhat unpredictable. He is given to believing in conspiracy theories and is suspicious of even his fellow League members; despite this (or perhaps because of it), he is one of the Justice League's best detectives. At one point, he mentions that Supergirl eats peanut butter sandwiches before going to bed, to which she asks him whether he goes through her trash: he responds, "Please... I go through everyone's trash." This is the Question i would love to see up there on the big screen with Batman. As much as i love Nolans movies, nobody can deny that they could use a sense of least a black one! Casting wise i havnt really thought about it. Thats my friend Shamans thing! Anyway, if you have never heard of THe Question or read his stuff i urge you to do so, you wont be dissapointed. And please let me know what you think of my idea to include him in a Batman movie..yes, even if its that im a nutcase!

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